Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Halloween
Carving pumpkins
Kate at her school parade
Mikey the knight and Benny the cowboy
Cowboys and Indians
We had a lot of fun dressing up like cowboys and Indians for Halloween. Here we are at a party my mom had. Lots of fun!!!

Happy Birthday Kate. We love you!!!

Kate turns 7!

We had a fun party with Kate's friends in our backyard.

Anna and mommy
Anna, Kate, Ben and Mikey
Anna, Mimi and Luke playing with her new toys.
Anna opening her presents
Anna loved her first taste of cake.

Then we got to celebrate her birthday a couple of days later. Daddy calls Anna his little ladybug so mommy made a ladybug cake.

Kate and Ben are excited for Anna's birthday

Anna's actual birthday (mom was in the hospital from a reaction to the flu mist). Happy 1 year old!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Practicing for Halloween. Everyone was so excited for get dressed up for Halloween that we had to practice. The girls were Indians and the boys were cowboys. More pictures later.

Anna loves dirt. Whenever we put her down outside she crawls right to the dirt and sits in it and touches it and obviously eats it. She is so different from our first two. They both hated dirt. What a bad mom, I ran to get my camera instead get the dirt out of her mouth. But isn't it a priceless picture. She will love it when she is older!!

That is dirt, not chocolate!!